Living in Harmony With Others

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Harmony is found in balance

Here are some things we can do in our lives to help live in harmony with others:

Do not express favoritism or define one person or group as better than another.

 By choosing to promote a particular viewpoint or value system, we create a self-defeating divisiveness.  This undermines efforts to build community and fosters a sense of injustice.  It causes some to fight to gain favor and others to struggle against the perceived unfairness.

Do not prize scarce objects or properties.  

When things are highly valued, it arouses greed.  When there is little value placed on things, there is little desire to have them.  Place value in harmony above the value of any possession and greed can never rob you of anything but trinkets.

Do not glorify fame, power and social status.

Be inclusive of all people, not just those people who look and act like you.  Power means nothing if nobody recognizes it.  Fame leads to isolation, because you become separated from society.  Social status is just a title that doesn’t denote character.  Without these things, people work together.

Be humble and value the necessities of others.

Within humility, we find contentment.  Those without it are never satisfied, always needing recognition.  If you have food and clothing, then help others who do not.  Compassion promotes harmony.

Live simple.  Find harmony.  Be healthy.

Complexities in our lives lead to stress.  Stress degrades our health, happiness and harmony.  Examine your life and let go of those things you don’t need.  I’m not saying you must throw away your possessions.  Just let go of your need for them.  I’m not saying to push complicated people out of your life, just help them as directly as you can and don’t try to take their problems as your own.

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We are all students and we are all teachers. If you stop being one, then you can no longer be the other.
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