Looking to Promote New Artists

Looking for Artists

We want to give new and undiscovered artists the opportunity increase their exposure.

We’re excited about building relationships with artists from around the world and want to exhibit your art (at no cost!) here. If you’ve e-published a book or have some cool visual art you want to share, etc., use the Contact Us page and give a brief summary of what you want to show along with some links to representative photos of the work, if it’s visual (you can use a free image hosting site like imgur.com).  If selected, we’ll create an individualized artist page with up to 10 images of what you’ve made, or an excerpt of your writing to share.  We’ll include an artist bio, a statement and if you have a website, we’ll link back to you so your fans can see more good stuff.

Artists Don’t Need Complexity

Our goal is to offer a free venue for talented new artists.  Use it as an online showcase for your artwork or, for a reasonable commission, we can actively search for collectors and handle the sale and shipping of selected pieces. We display your creations in your own artist section until either party decides they would like it removed.  It’s that simple.


About Brian Weatherley

I've walked a wildly varied path over the years and look forward to finding out where it will end up. I love writing, painting and photography. I believe one of our most valuable qualities as individuals is our perspective. Sharing how we see the world and how the world has influenced us is a legacy we all can claim.
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